Co-creating strategy + bringing it to life. It's what we do.

About Julia Davenport

Julia is an energetic and innovative company director and business advisor. A Non-Executive Director with senior executive experience, she is a strategic thinker with strong tactical acumen. Her 30 years of commercial leadership experience has helped propel organisations to the next level of success and position, differentiate and manage brands, win new business and derive maximum value from marketing investment.

Through Davenport Marketing & Advisory, Julia works collaboratively with clients to develop and implement strategy, change and growth agendas to deliver on vision. She is intent on helping clients put their best foot forward to lift organisational performance


Julia Davenport


Strategy Development

involving key stakeholders to capture their interest, motivation and creativity to deliver good engagement across your organisation, then design your strategic plan with clear performance indicators and actions

Strategy Management

ensure the ongoing success of your strategic plan by putting strategic governance and effective strategy management in place to coordinate and drive quarterly strategy reviews

Client Feedback

to eliminate reliance on anecdotal evidence and facilitate data based decision making, I offer advice on program development and conduct interviews with analysis and reporting